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Career Opportunities with Awards Canada
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Why Awards Canada?
It's simple. The reason we exist is to help people and that is what you would be able to do. We help recognize the achievements of people on a person by person basis. We work to delight our clients and the people they are recognizing. From the smile of a child at receiving her first trophy to a presentation in front of an arena full of people, we make the event memorable and meaningful.

In an increasingly cluttered world of advertising and marketing, we also help companies and groups make themselves known. We do this by providing unique and effective promotional and gift products that make a statement and bring across their brand or identity.

Do you like to help people? Do you get personal satisfaction from a job well done? Do you want a career where the products and services you provide are written about daily in newspapers and magazines? Are you looking for a career where each day's work is different? Do you love challenges? If so, read on...

We Build Recognition®
At Awards Canada, it's not just a statement, it's a fact. We help organizations large and small, develop and implement recognition programs that work.

What is recognition? Recognition is many things to many people. Fortunately, at Awards Canada, we cover all of the bases. Whether it is recognition in the form of award products or the creation of company or brand awareness through promotional and gift products, Awards Canada offers it.

Our fundamental philosophy is to delight our customers and as a result make an excellent living and have fun doing it.

What Else is There?
There is satisfaction in a job well done. No other industry offers as much satisfaction. Working from idea to finished product, all of our projects become personal. In most cases our products are gifted to recipients. Our red maple leaf logo on the bottom tells them it was made with care. We live for the smiles that result.

You can change the life of a person. Recognition is one of humanity's most basic needs. From the laurel wreath placed on the first athlete in Greece to the crystal flame presented to a volunteer at an awards presentation last night, all people desire recognition. Acknowledge someone's contribution today and they will desire to contribute for the rest of their lives. Polls show that most people, if given the option, will choose increased recognition of what they do over a salary increase. It is that important to all of us. Do you remember the first award you ever received? Odds are it is as memorable as when you learned to ride your bike or other milestones where your view of life changed.

What We Expect from You
In order to make products that have a positive impact on people, the person making it has to have a positive attitude. If you look at the glass as half full, rather than half empty; if you look for the upside of most situations, you probably have some of what it takes.

Life is here to be lived. When you are spending a significant amount of your day performing in a career, you should have fun doing it. A joy for life is contagious and spreads to others. We are looking for that in you. You can form lifelong friendships working here. We have individuals in management who started with us in their early teens working in our stockrooms. Others have been with us for some seasons of life and now they are engineers, teachers, doctors, business people or homemakers. Our staff has cut through a wide swath of life. Where you go is up to you.

We value people and we look to you to value people as well. Whether you are single or in a family, we look for individuals who know the importance of love and the importance of caring for and respecting others, who embrace the values of family.

You believe in the importance of recognizing achievements and the strong impact that recognition brings.

A strong work ethic is required. We get many last minute requests and we do our absolute best to meet our client expectations. Sometimes we need to really roll up our sleeves to get the job done. You are willing to work the time required to complete the job for the customer. However when the job is completed you should take satisfaction from it. Many a time we receive letters of appreciation. Hopefully you would take satisfaction from that as well, beside the monetary rewards.

You are punctual and know the importance of deadlines, are able to work independently as well as in a team, and you are able stop and analyze things that don’t appear to be right. You are capable of thinking outside of the box. You innovate and like to develop ideas.

Some of What You can Expect from Us
We can tell you about how we offer competitive salaries that advance with your skills. We can talk about our clean, safe work environment and literally unlimited opportunities to grow and advance. We have a unique, flexible management philosophy. But is that all that is important? We don’t think so.

Our business is recognition and you can expect that you will be recognized for a job well done.

We will also listen to you and try wherever possible to allow you to contribute to your and the company’s success. We want you to reach your full potential. When you grow, we grow.

You can expect us to care about who you are. Many of our staff members are like family. People have trials and hurdles in their lives and we want to help. We will do what we can to help you when you encounter those and when the storms of life hit. Life offers us many opportunities to reach out to others. Our goal as a company is to do just that.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How To Apply  |  Current Postings

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